Extended Diagnostics

Suffix not supported

This diagnostic detects when the .px, .%, and .em suffixes are used with an attribute binding.

<img [attr.width.px]="5">

What's wrong with that?

These suffixes are only available for style bindings. They do not have any meaning when binding to an attribute.

What should I do instead?

Rather than using the .px, .%, or .em suffixes that are only supported in style bindings, move this to the value assignment of the binding.

<img [attr.width]="'5px'">

Configuration requirements

strictTemplates must be enabled for any extended diagnostic to emit. invalidBananaInBox has no additional requirements beyond strictTemplates.

What if I can't avoid this?

This diagnostic can be disabled by editing the project's tsconfig.json file:

"angularCompilerOptions": {
"extendedDiagnostics": {
"checks": {
"suffixNotSupported": "suppress"

See extended diagnostic configuration for more info.